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World Children’s Day

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November 12, 2018

What is World Children’s Day?

On the 20th November, Universal Children’s Day is celebrated all over the world to support the improvement of child welfare and promote children’s rights.

In 1989 The Non-Governmental Organisation, religious leaders and other institutions agreed the Convention of the Rights of the Child, which includes rights such as; the right to be protected from violence and discrimination, and the rights to life, health and education.

The idea is that, although we have the Declaration of Human Rights, that children need their own rights to be spoken for by adults which include special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection no matter what the child’s race, religion, sex or ability. (Source: UN Website).

Fun things you can do to raise awareness:

  1. Wear blue

This year, UNICEF are raising awareness by going blue. Their aim is to call upon world leaders to commit to fulfilling the rights of every child, they want every child to be in school learning and safe from harm and able to fulfil their potential, and we agree! You can sign the petition here.

  1.  Learn about a child’s day from a different country

Have a look online about how different a child’s day is from a different country. How did they travel to school? How many brothers and sisters do they have? What did they learn about at school? What’s in their school dinner? Have look at some examples of school lunches from around the world here.

An example of what a child from Japan might have for their school dinner.

  1.  Let them do an adults job

We’re not saying a child should take over a brain surgeon for the day, but you are able to give children more power by giving them mature jobs to do and have a bit of fun with it at the same time! For example teachers could ask a student to take the register or parents could ask kids what they would do if they were prime minister for a day.

  1. Write to a pen pal

When you next go away and the kids make friends with other children, organise a way for them to keep in contact by writing to each other. They can send updates, pictures and photos to stay in touch across the country and talk about what they’ve been up to. Now, it seems so much more fun receiving something in the post because most contact is done online. It’ll also help them feel important because it’s usually Mum and Dad get all the post!

Here’s what happened when children from all over the world got ready to take over the at the UN for World Children’s Day.