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What is Jump Start?

Jump Fit // News

October 5, 2017

Joining a gym, or a new fitness class can be a scary feeling. That fear of walking in alone, not being able to keep up, and everyone else being a total pro is enough to put anyone off. Especially when you’ve paid for the privilege.

This is why we’ve introduced Jump Fit as an alternative to those intimidating gym classes. At Jump Fit you can do as much or as little as you are capable of / want to do and no one is going to judge. If you need a breather, fine. If you want to go harder, also fine. With Jump Fit you can get fit while having fun. When was the last time you said that in the gym?

To show exactly how great Jump Fit really is, during the first week of the month we run Jump Start classes. Jump Start is a 60 minute class that incorporates parts of all of our Jump Fit classes so you can choose which one is right for you. The best bit? It’s totally free!

Rotherham — First Monday of every month – 6pm

Sheffield — First Tuesday of every month – 8pm

Leeds — First Tuesday of every month – 8pm

Spaces are limited, and only available to new customers. Be quick, they fill up very quickly! After your Jump Start session, each Jump Fit class is £6, or you can buy blocks of 5 for £25, 10 for £50 or 20 for £100.

Book your Jump Start class here.