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Things to do with the kids this Autumn


October 26, 2021

There are plenty of great, new experiences to be had over the upcoming October half term and beyond. Take the kids out to enjoy a great range of indoor and outdoor activities.

With the number of rainy days we’ve been having lately, it’s clear that autumn is well and truly here. But don’t let the rain stop you from getting out and having fun, safely of course!

As the October holidays quickly approach, we have got a list of fantastic places to visit for exciting experiences with the whole family – or even with friends.


Not that we’re stating the obvious, but we are a little biased… we may as well kick start our guide with a trip to Jump Inc. For those of you who have been to any of our parks in Sheffield, Rotherham, Leeds or Lincoln before, you’ll know why we love to boast. For anyone that hasn’t, take a read below and see what our lovely customers had to say when we asked them what their favourite thing was at Jump Inc.


20% of our customers said the interconnecting trampolines, and 21% argued it was the inflatables! It was a close tie, but for anyone who enjoys both trampolining and a big inflatable course, you can visit Jump Inc Leeds or Jump Inc Lincoln which has both under one roof. But why come to Jump Inc instead of another trampoline or inflatable park in the same area? Here is what our customers said:


We’re proud to say the most popular response was “Lots of things to do, better facilities than other parks.” Sounds like we have some no1 fans out there! Jump Inc strive to be a multi-purpose, all-inclusive, fun activity operator, with safety at the forefront of anything we do.

An added benefit to any of our open-jump sessions are the calories burned and getting those hearts pumping. Jump Inc provides a wealth of health benefits for the body, and the mind. A huge 58% of our customers said they come to Jump just to keep their children active. 


Here’s a list of ways our activities will benefit you and your family’s health and fitness.

  1. Fun way of keeping fit
  2. Increases lymphatic flow
  3. Strengthens and increases bone mass
  4. Increases oxygen circulation
  5. Cardiovascular improvement
  6. Relieves anxiety and stress
  7. Strengthens the core
  8. Improves balance
  9. Focus and concentration
  10. Flexibility

Unfortunately for any families living in South Yorkshire under ‘Tier 3 – VERY HIGH’ the restrictions are even tighter from Saturday 24th Oct, meaning families can no longer meet up with friends under any hospitality environment, be it indoors or outdoors. It’s time to buckle up and embrace the next four weeks with your nearest and dearest, so no matter what the weather, you can plan some great days out this Autumn.


Staying active during the holidays can be tough for any parent who’s child is glued to a computer screen. Tear the kids away from their devices and get out of the house for the day!

Pumpkin picking!

There’s plenty of farms across Yorkshire to wander around and choose your favourite pumpkins. Have a competition to see who can carve the best design for the front windows of the house. Plus it’s an opportunity for some cute photos, although… it’s not for everyone! 

Pumpkin picking meltdown

Thankfully this cutie is always smiling when she’s bouncing away at Jump Toddler morning.

It feels like we’re spending more time outside than ever before (thanks covid-19) so wrap up warm and add some sparkle to your evening with a fireworks display. The chances are there’ll be some tasty grub nearby to feast on.


On a rainy day, there’s nothing better than escaping into the warmth of your own home.

Time to get creative, black bin bags, tape, toilet roll and a splash of paint could take you anywhere

We’ve all seen enough banana bread through lockdown to last us a lifetime. Why not pick your favourite chocolate bar and bake some Cadburys cookies! Our Halloween chocolate orange fudge cakes were very popular last year. BBC good food has some great ideas to put on the fridge. If you don’t fancy baking, just order some delicious treats from our friends at Doughnation UK, look at these bad boys!

Make some decorative pieces for the mantelpiece around the fireplace, pine cones make the perfect canvas for a spray of colour or glitter!

Dig out some board games, we can guarantee you’ll find an old classic at the back of the cupboard. Connect 4 or battleships is always a winner.


Most of us are still allowed to meet up with friends in the great outdoors and Yorkshire can certainly deliver a beautiful landscape.

Don’t let the rain stop you from playing outdoors! Luckily, Go Ape is the perfect wet weather activity – the rain just adds to the fun. Tackling the obstacles in amongst the trees is so exciting that you won’t notice a little downpour.

Go for a wild wander in the forest and get playful with the kids; grab some leaves and enjoy a fun family photo shoot with a beautiful autumnal backdrop. Mums – it’s time for you to be in front of the camera, so grab your lippy.

Sometimes all we need is some fresh air to energise ourselves and our little ones, and as a result we feel a little less claustrophobic. Carry a rucksack and gather up some leaves, twigs, and autumnal flowers to take home and create a beautiful decorative wreath.

Gather some chestnuts to clean up and roast when you get home. Collect as many conkers as you can and see what creative ways you can use them at home. There are some silly games you can play with dad with a conker and a piece of string! Or just set a challenge on who can find the biggest!


It’s Halloween and we can’t really go trick or treating, so what can you do instead?

Hocus Pocus, Goosebumps, The Addams Family, Toy story Of Terror…the list is endless!

Leave trick or treats in hidden spots around the house. Set out sweetie trails to all of the clues therefore the kids are guaranteed to find them.

It is almost bonfire night too, and toffee apples are a classic snack. Don’t know how? Check this recipe out here.

There are plenty of haunted tours and ghost hunts around Yorkshire, in and outdoors – just make sure it is family friendly!


Our partners at Visit Lincoln can help with details on what’s going on this October half term in Lincoln!


Leeds local parenting company has some great ideas, or take on Trapp’d, one of the largest escape room companies in the UK, with Leeds being their 8th venue launching right here inside Jump Inc Leeds. 


One of our favourite blogger mums can recommend the best days out in South Yorkshire this Halloween!

Whilst it’s cold outside you could always drive to the Beach Leisure pool at Sheffield International venues or take up a new hobby and try a family skate at Ice Sheffield.


Sadly Jump INCflated has to close their doors as South Yorkshire enters Tier 3, but you could book tickets with our trampoline park next to Meadowhall or our friends across at Gulliver’s Valley, their Halloween event Spook Safari is bound to provide all day entertainment!

We hope this has given you enough ideas to keep you and the family busy this half term, remember Jump incs doors are always open! (Well not always, but you can find our opening hours on the location page within our website …)