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The importance of outreach & working with the local community

Jump Community // News

June 18, 2018

Samurai Trampoline Products had a little chat with our Regional Community & Partnership manager about the importance of outreach and working with the local community. Here’s the full interview with him:

A trampoline park needs to generate brand awareness once its doors first open for business. From a marketing point of view there are a number of ways to drive awareness and to stay in the minds of your customers. Working closely with your local community is going to be an effective way to do this considering that the vast majority of your customers are going to be local. This shouldn’t just be an online exercise either. We spoke to Dan Glover from Jump Inc in Sheffield for his insights on how he works with the local community.

Here is what Dan had to say:

Can you tell me about your background and what you did before joining Jump Inc?

From an early age I have been working within the hospitality industry, working in all areas of the industry. Before I started on the journey with Jump Inc. in 2015. I was in the U.S for several years working at a resort/hotel in Martha’s Vineyard, this gave me a real insight into the industry and service. On my return from the U.S it has always been a life-long dream of mine to open my own restaurant, implementing my experience into my own venture. So I opened Jack’s an informal casual eatery set in the heart of Padstow Cornwall. The restaurant was a superb learning curve into business, we achieved number 1 on TripAdvisor even though we had fierce competition within the region. I believe the success was passionate customer service and great produce. After six successful years I sold Jack’s to Sea Salt Clothing Company, and moved to Sheffield in Yorkshire for my children to be closer to their families.

Then I had the amazing opportunity to join the Jump Inc. family. Initially I helped out on the operational element of the business. It may sound odd but it is very similar to hotel operations. Just instead of bedrooms, we have trampolines!

What does your current role at Jump Inc entail? What is your role and responsibilities?

I kind of sail the flag for Jump Inc. externally! I attend network events and seek opportunities for us in Yorkshire. I am very passionate about supporting our local community and giving back. Also I look after corporate bookings and partnerships. For example I work closely with our local football clubs to support their community foundation and the National Citizen Service to engage with the younger generation in joint ventures in getting people active.

Tell me about Jump Inc, what facilities does it offer to its customers?

Here are just some of our offerings:
• Exclusive Jump Star sessions across our sites for families with children with disabilities
• Jump Toddler sessions weekdays for all our little jumpers!
• College Takeovers in conjunction with Yorkshire Sport Foundation
• Lockdown, affectively we turn Jump Inc. into a night club on trampolines
• Corporate Team Building Events
• Full Venue Takeovers
• Staff/Club Socials
• Jump Fit

Why is it important to build relationships and partnerships with the community?

I feel it is so important to support the community, it is great brand awareness. It shows we are not here to make a quick £! It also opens so many doors and opportunities. It supports the corporate social responsibility of the business as well.

Which groups, communities and businesses do you reach out to when trying to build relationships?

Predominately the younger generation focusing on getting the inactive, active. Also organisations that I feel complement our brand and we can compliment there’s likewise. So it is beneficial to both parties involved.

How do you identify brands that complement your brand?

Mainly through network events and events in general in the region. Also from existing connections recommending other charities/organisations and companies to me. Also I sit on the Health & Wellbeing Forum created by Westfield health and the Chamber of Commerce for Sheffield. I have the pleasure and feel very flattered to be on the Non Exec. Board of Hallam FM Cash for Kids (local charity) as well.

What ‘selling points’ do you use to convince these groups that Jump Inc is a destination they should consider?

It is a different venue and business that people will love. It is something new and I always show that we are a strong brand and professional. Giving the potential customer confidence in us, I am also a very strong believer if you know your product and you are very passionate about what you are discussing, this is the most successful way. Love what you do!

What results have you seen from your initiatives?

Increase in sales, PR opportunities, more customer engagement. Respected in the community. (I hope so!????)

Has there been a social impact on the community as a result of your relationship building and initiatives?

To see more people getting active in the region, whilst having fun. Jump Inc. is very much like a family, it is great to see so many regular faces whilst I am visiting our sites at Jump Inc.

How do you reach out to these different communities and groups? Which tactics are the most effective for building relationships and driving footfall?

I keep it so simple. I am very casual, however passionate in my approach. Create a good network around you. My father always said “it is not what you know, it is who you know.” Also buying contacts lots of coffee! ????

What would you recommend for building a good network?

When Jump Inc. launched in 2015, it was just a case of the old fashioned ‘cold calling’ basically just to get out there! Attend as many events, launches and networking events as possible. Now we are more established I focus on connecting with key figures and decision makers in all the sectors.

I hope you have found Dan’s comments interesting. Building relationships in any business is always going to take time. It’s not a process that occurs overnight but the rewards are usually worthwhile.