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What is the Performance Area?

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June 5, 2018

The performance area looks a little different at each of our three parks, but it usually consists of 9-11 big, olympic sized trampolines at the back of the park. They are either pink or white with a cross in the middle, surrounded by padded mats on the floor.

On these trampolines you can achieve huge height and perform epic tricks (within your ability of course). But, because these trampolines are so springy, sometimes it’s easy to lose control. To remain ahead of the game in terms of health and safety we’ve had to restrict this area to people aged 9 and over. If you are 9 years old you will need to sign a risk acknowledgement form before going on the Performance Area trampolines and you’ll be given a band to show you’ve signed it.

Please try and print off and sign your risk acknowledgement form before arriving at Jump, this will speed up your signing in process and reduce queueing time!

We understand that this may be frustrating if you are 8 years, 11 months and 29 days old but we’ve had to put these procedures in place to keep you safe and happy whilst in Jump Inc.

Above the performance trampolines is the walk the wall area and the box* this area is also out of bounds to anyone under the age of 9 because of the height of the walls and the possible risks.

But don’t worry! You still have the rest of the park to explore. Our Sheffield park features awesome activities such as 100s of interconnecting trampolines, half pipe, climbing wall, jump tower, parkour obstacle course and ninja run! And at our Leeds park we’ve newly installed a wipeout zone – coming soon in 2018.

Thanks for being so understanding. Have fun, Jump safe ✌????

*Sheffield and Leeds only