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There’s something for every one when it comes to Jump Fit, and you can take it at the pace YOU want to, because it’s YOUR class. We come to Jump Fit to have fun and accidentally get fit, and count the bounces not the ounces.

We’ve combined all the best bits from InCOREporated, Jump To The Beat and Jump Tone to bring you Jump Fit. One mega, high-energy class that will strengthen your core and tone you up without breaking you! 

If you want more of a hardcore push and like to feel the burn, Jump Warrior is designed to put you through your paces and challenge you like you’ve never been challenged before! 

Our Jumba classes are a combination of bouncing on a trampoline and high-energy Zumba dance moves, to get you movin’ and groovin’ your way to fitness, you’re sure to leave with a smile on your face! 

Finally Parent Power is definitely one of our favourites, because we make lots of new little friends! Bring your babies to watch from the sidelines in their very own bouncer, or your toddlers can roam free in the dodgeball court under supervision. You’ll then use your babies as a weight to strengthen your core – an awesome bonding experience! 

Classes are for ages 16+


If you’re new to Jump Fit and aren’t sure it’s for you, try it out 100% FREE – we guarantee you’ll leave with a smile on your face, and if you don’t nothing lost!

Our Jump Start sessions are on at the beginning of each month:

Rotherham — First Monday of every month – 6pm

Sheffield — First Tuesday of every month – 8pm

Leeds — First Tuesday of every month – 8pm

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