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Adults Only Night


BIG KIDS your time has come!

For one night only, we’re clearing out the little ones and giving you adults free reign of our trampoline and inflatable parks!
So if you fancy a work night out, want to blow off a bit of steam or just want to relive your youth on huge urban playgrounds don’t miss out. Bring your mates and enjoy an evening of side-splitting fun before heading to the bar, or stay on the park until 9pm – it’s up to you!

// 7 – 9pm
// 18+


At the bar:
Double vodka slush £5
Wine & cider £4
Pint draught beer £4.5o
Pitcher of beer £8

Fuel up:
Pizza & 2 x beer/wine £12
Loaded friess & a beer/wine £6
2 x pizza £12

Fancy a game of beer pong? Grab some cups from our cafe staff and fill em up!


• This is an over 18s event, ID will be required
• NO alcohol can be consumed before using the facilities. Staff have the ability to deny access without a refund if they believe you are under the influence of alcohol before going on the park.
• You are welcome to have an alcoholic drink during your session, however your band will be removed and you will not be allowed back on the activity equipment.
• You are welcome to stay in the park after to drink.