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March 20, 2019

Mums and Dads, this ones for you!

Now you can keep an eye on the kids and the football scores, all at the same time.

Sit back with a brew (or a beer) whilst the little’uns run wild on the park.
Sky is currently installed at all of our parks.

Keep an eye here on what schedules we’ve got coming up:

Monday 15th July
• Live Netball World Cup

Tuesday 16th July
• Live Netball World Cup

Wednesday 17th July
• Live Netball World Cup

Thursday 18th July
• The Open Championship

Friday 19th July
• The Open Championship

Saturday 20th July
• 9am – Live Netball World Cup
• 10am – Premier League Asia Trophy
• 2.45pm – The Open Championship

Sunday 21st July
• 9am – The Open Championship

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