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Mental Health Awareness & Jump Inc


January 3, 2022

We believe it is always important to be mindful of our own mental health as well as others.
Exercise can be a great way to help manage your mental health, we know that some days just getting out of bed is difficult, so the idea of going somewhere to “exercise” is daunting.

However, trampolining is a great act in alleviating frustrations and tensions; Jump Inc is so much more than ‘just a leisure activity. Some find that listening to music helps relieve stress and lift their spirits – we pump the tunes out that make you feel good and the bass resonates through your body. The lights are low, and the atmosphere is uplifting, you’ll be greeted with a smile at the door and our court marshals are always available to help you face your fears and get your adrenaline pumping to jump off the tower. Don’t worry, there’s a soft landing in our huge airbags, you’ll land filled with euphoria that you’ve been brave enough to take the jump.

The feedback we’ve had often mentions that it is a great way to exercise without even knowing it. Jumping on our Max Air tramps is sure to give you the feeling of flying but also gets your heart beating. Trampolining often has more health benefits than running or jogging as you are using your whole body to balance, bounce and push yourself into the air! It’s also low impact, when you land the trampoline the springs take your weight and absorb the force, reducing the risk of muscle and joint injuries.

A regular customer at Jump Inc battling with mental health came to us and said:

  “I regularly use a gym to keep stress and anxiety at bay. Eventually, I got bored of the weights and found busy times in the workout areas quite intimidating. I discovered Jump Inc when one of the girls wanted to go for her birthday. I was genuinely worried before we went, concerned about looking silly or not being capable of doing much. It’s hard to explain what anxiety feels like to those who don’t have it but in simple terms, it often feels like you can’t breathe or are carrying a ton of bricks on your back.

It sounds a bit silly saying it out loud, but I lost all of my inhibitions bouncing up and down. I escape from all of my negative thoughts, panic and worries and just feel free! All my tension was lifted with every bounce back. Jump INC is entirely inclusive, I don’t feel as though anyone is watching me and it’s a comfortable environment. My advice to anyone curious about trying trampolining would be just to try it and see. Once you’ve been to Jump Inc you’ll definitely be coming back. I always feel so much happier after an hour on the park and it’s the best workout for me too.”

Our Jump Fit classes also act as a great escape. We have all different types of people – young, old, fit, out of shape. There is no judgement here, we worry about the bounces, not the ounces. The music’s loud and the exercises can be done at your own pace, if you need the loo don’t be afraid to jump off, you can always join back in with no questions asked. Available at Jump Inc Lincoln Mondays and Thursdays during term time.

Exercise aside, bouncing around a wall to wall trampoline filled warehouse or a huge inflatable theme park with your mates is sure to provide some laughs. Did you know that laughing lowers blood pressure? Not only that, when you laugh it releases endorphins and reduces stress hormone levels. You’ll be able to giggle at your mates tumbling over, guilt-free and leave thinking “I loved that!”.

So if you’re looking for something to take your mind off your worries, release endorphins and create great memories with your pals, it might be worth giving us a visit. Alternatively, if you want to cheer up a mate who seems distracted and down, bring them to us – we’re sure to put a smile on their face, even if it is temporary.