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August 9, 2017

Jump Inc FAQ

With over 440 wall-to-wall trampolines and 40,000 sq ft of inflatables across our four parks in Yorkshire and Lincoln, there’s an awesome activity for all you thrill seekers out there, we want to make sure you’re all confident on our parks.

If you’re a Jump regular, you’ll know everything there is to know, however some of our newbies have had some questions so to make sure you’re all experts, here are the answers to your frequently asked questions…

What do I wear on the trampolines?

Bouncing around is super exciting so you’ll probably break a bit of a sweat. We want you to be able to move freely so that you can nail the flips and tricks you’re wanting to learn, so we suggest that you wear shorts or leggings and a t-shirt. We’re pretty casual here at Jump so no one will expect you to come in your fresh, best threads – you’ll look good just walking into into the park anyway.

It doesn’t matter what shoes you wear, you’ll take them off and swap them for our specially designed safety socks at the door.

What do I wear on the inflatables?

Clambering and bouncing around on the inflatables is most definitely going to make you break into a sweat, we’d advise you wear something light and casual. Try to keep your arms and legs covered as you’ll be prone to slipping about and sliding which could result in friction burns. But other than that – it’s up to you!

We have new socks that have a grip on the front only, this is so that you can grip on our new ninja area and the back/heel is a normal sock so you can slide down the huge slides at ultimate speed.

Leeds & Lincoln:
Please don’t wear Jump Inc grip socks on the inflatables, it damages them. The socks that you purchased are reversible, please ensure you turn them inside out to the non-grip side for the inflatables, and back to the grippy side for anything else (e.g Ninja at Lincoln and trampolines at both)

What do I wear to Jump Fit?

We’d definitely suggest you wear your average gym gear, leggings or shorts, a sports bra (ladies), and a loose fitting top because you will get hot! Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water to keep hydrated and your Jump safety socks (if you don’t have any you can buy them at reception), you can stash your trainers in the lockers which are either coded or a refundable £1.


For those with piercings, we’d suggest you take out anything long and dangly. Thankfully, our trampolines aren’t like your old school’s gym with big holes in them, but we don’t want you to catch your jewellery on a piece of clothing or someone else… so just keep it to little studs if you can. This also applies to nice bracelets and necklaces you may have. Basically, if you would be upset if you lost it bouncing round a trampoline-filled warehouse it’s best to leave it at home.

How long do I get?

You get an hour in total on the springs and inflatables, but please arrive a little early so that you have time to check in, put your Jump socks on and watch the very important safety video. 20 minutes early will be enough because we don’t want all the boring stuff eating into your bouncing time!

Can I come and watch?

Sure! Wave your little jumpers off, grab a coffee & a cake and take a seat upstairs on our mezzanine for ultimate viewing experience. Spectating is free and we have free wifi you can keep yourself entertained while they tire themselves out.

Is there an age limit?

To ensure everyone is safe, only children aged eight years or older may jump unaccompanied in the main arena.

Ages seven and under must be accompanied by a participating person age 14 or over. This is to encourage social distancing and make sure big people don’t accidentally bump into small people. We also have Jump Toddler sessions made specifically for your little ones during the week and weekend (times are park specific). You must be aged 14 and over to be left in the building without an adult.

Please note, our performance area has an age limit of 9 yrs and older, due to the nature and the skill required for these extra bouncy trampolines. You will need to sign a risk acknowledgement form before you go on. Children under 16 will need to have a person over the age of 18 sign it for them.

Can I bring my older kids to Jump Toddler?

Unfortunately, the beauty of Jump Toddler is that it’s designed especially for little legs (5 and under), so we’re unable to accommodate older children. We turn the lights up, grab the soft toys and play all under 6’s favourite Disney songs for them to sing along to, so bigger kids probably won’t want to be seen there anyway… We also don’t allow the bigger kids on in these sessions for safety reasons. It gives the little ones chance to bounce around freely without worrying about being overshadowed by big kids.

Where do I put my stuff?

You can either leave it with whoever has brought you, or we have lockers on site.

Do I have to fill in a waiver?

It’s not quite a waiver, we call it a risk acknowledgement form. This is just to ensure you understand the possible dangers of bouncing about with other people and jumping off high things.