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Jump Inc Safety Socks…


January 8, 2019

A bit about our socks and why they’re important…🧦

At Jump Inc everyone is required to wear our safety socks on the trampolines, they have rubber soles to ensure you have grip and don’t slip and hurt yourself. It’s required by our insurers and to stay in line with the IATP safety standards.
At our parks where it is just trampolines these are just £2.00 and a one off payment.

Then we have our slip socks which are worn on the inflatables – they may look like normal socks but they are brightly coloured and only necessary at our parks that have both inflatables and trampolines so that staff can differentiate between slip and grip socks on the park – for your safety.
Both of these socks are £2.50 and yours to keep, bring next time and wear round the house 😉👌🏼

At our parks where it’s just inflatables, you can bring your own socks
(clean please 🤭).

Jump Inc socks