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Hybrid Safety Socks


October 12, 2021

Why our new hybrid safety socks are important…🧦

At Jump Inc everyone is required to wear hybrid safety socks. Our socks are unique, we’ve had them specially designed so that they can be used on trampolines, ninja and inflatables without having to turn anything inside out / or swap between socks when you swap between activities.

Our new unique hybrid safety socks have rubber just on the front of the foot to ensure you have control and don’t slip when you need the grip (climbing inflatable stairs, on trampolines & ninja), having the rubber just in this place means that when using inflatables there is no risk of extra friction on the heels of the feet.

These hybrid socks are specifically designed for your safety and should be worn at all times. If you have our old reversible socks, please ask at reception and we will swap them for our new hybrid socks. If you are a Sheffield customer, you may still use your old grip socks.

Hybrid safety socks are a necessity at all of our parks. It is required by our insurers and to stay in line with the IATP safety standards.
Socks are £2.50 and a one-off payment – yours to keep, bring next time and wear round the house 😉👌🏼

We no longer allow customers to wear socks from other parks. 

We know socks aren’t very exciting, but they’re necessary to ensure your time on our parks is as safe as possible👌🏼

Jump inc hybrid safety socks

Hybrid safety socks