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Be A Sunscreen Warrior This Summer


July 16, 2018

It’s been a hot one so far, I can’t remember when it last rained properly. But it seems as though we are now a hot country, where people from Spain and Greece will travel to on holiday to, and crowd our pebbly beaches and fish and chip shops… or maybe not.

If your kids are like me, their fair skin probably hasn’t evolved to stay out in it for longer than an hour. So here’s some tips to protect them from the sun’s rays this summer holidays:

  1. Making a den in the back garden

Grab some old sheets and some rope, tie the rope to the trees and drape the old sheets over the rope. Put a picnic blanket on the floor and jobs a gooden!

Expert level; tie to three trees/objects to make a triangle and drape the sheets over.

  1.  Make a cool-air bubble

Take your duvet out of the sheets, put a fan the same height as your bed at the end of the bed where the opening to your duvet sheet is, turn on the fan and crawl in! You’ll have the perfect, private chilling out spot your little’uns can chill in or cool down from playing in.

  1. The obvious one, sunscreen

Studies say that we should apply sunscreen EVERYDAY, even when it’s the usual rainy, cloudy weather. So when it’s hitting 27 degrees you need slap that sunscreen on every four hours. It’s an obvious one, but it’s vital.

  1. Snapbacks!

Get those hats on to protect your face, we’ve got the perfect Snapback so you can rep the merch and stay protected from the sun. Only £7!

  1. Come to Jump Inc or Jump INCflated!

Jump into summer with US! Our Summer Sessions deal is perfect for groups of mates, or for the whole family. Four of you can jump for £25, thats just £6.25 each! No sunscreen required here. Plus, if you’ve got a birthday boy or girl this summer, take advantage of 20% off parties for any date in July and August until 31st July. T&Cs here.