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Trapp’d are one of the largest escape room companies in the UK with Leeds being their 8th venue in the UK, right here inside Jump Inc Leeds!

Room 1// VX 2.0 – A high tech adventure where you and your covert team have been assigned a mission to retrieve a deadly chemical weapon (VX 2.0) from a Russian military base before a world war breaks out.

Room 2// REANIMATION – You must succeed where Viktor Frankenstein failed and become an evangelist of modern society by bringing to life his monstrous creation at the exact moment the lightning strikes.

Room 3// SALEM – Deep into the Salem forest, you must destroy the ‘Book of the Damned’ before the Witching Hour is at its strongest and the spirits of those who were condemned during the 1692 Witch Trials will return to wreak havoc on the town and steal the souls from the innocent.

The whole experience will last 90 minutes and involves a briefing by one of the talented games masters, 60 minutes to play the game and then time to reflect on the experience and enjoy a group debrief and photo afterwards. Admission fees start from just £13 per person.  Booking will be available soon.

For access walk through the main entrance, past Jump Inc reception area into the park and up the stairs onto the mezzanine floor. Read more here

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