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Lockdown Terms & Conditions

1. Every person attending Lockdown must be 10 years old or over.
2. Please note that the trampoline park will be darker than usual due to the ‘After Dark’ nature of the event.
3. Please be aware that during the Lockdown event there will be loud music played throughout the duration of the night.
4. Please be aware that during Lockdown there may be strobe lighting and flash photography.
5. Throughout the duration of Lockdown there may be other, supplementary events occurring, which could include a CO2 pressured T-Shirt ‘Cannon’, that will be fired onto the trampolines whilst customers are bouncing, smoke guns and other forms of entertainment.
6. Please note, whilst this is a fun event, customer safety is our number one priority. We ask that all attendees bounce with care.
7. We would advise that anyone between the ages of 10 and 14 years old be accompanied by an adult when attending Lockdown. Please note, that this does not mean that the adult has to bounce, only supervise.
8. Please note that our usual park Terms and Conditions still apply.